Hybrid Mass

Hybrid Mass is the perfect choice for you to transform into muscular body. Our unique blend of protein, carbs and vitamins empowers you to grow big muscular physique. High Calorie High Protein Mass Gainer series is one stop solution for gaining more muscles – it has more proteins, more carbs and right amount of other nutrients, so that you do not need to take any other supplements.

Hybrid Size

Hybrid Size is the most advanced quality muscle Size building protein supplement ever developed. Hybrid Size has the perfect micro-nutrient profile of protein, fat, and carbohydrate to put on quality muscle Size on even the hardest gain. It is a dietary supplement and an ultimate size gainer.

Hybrid Whey

Hybrid Whey is a Perfect Blend of Quad Core Protein sources. It delivers optimum mixture of Fast and Slow absorbing Protein sources to deliver best results to sport athletes

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